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Nadine Maritz is an energetic writer and blogger, who I highly recommend for her consistency, reliability, follow-through, and great creative ideas.

— Ken Atchity

I recommend Nadine Maritz. She is reliable, diligent and forward looking.

— Laurence O Bryan

Nadine helped me when I launched my debut novel in mid-2016. She was able to connect me to a large audience of interested readers through her impressive network. Her friendly personality and wonderful spirit make Nadine a pleasure to work with, and you’ll get the results you want. I’d recommend Nadine to anyone who wants to launch their book to a large audience.

— Angela Meadon

As a writer may I also say thank you for doing this as it means a helluva lot to all of us. I’m currently doing stuff at the Bloody Book Week in Johannesburg and I am constantly gobsmacked by the number of people who come up to me and say we didn’t know there were any South African writers let alone crime writers. Thus the value of your blog in getting the word out there, especially as it is written from a reader’s perspective. 

— Mike Nicol

Enjoyed your blog interview. It was from a standpoint of someone who really wanted to know about some of the real challenges a writer faces from the viewpoint of an aspiring writer! I liked that.

— Anne