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Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done. Re-writing the damn book.

For Rock ( Music) Lovers

If you are a fan of Rock Music, don’t forget to browse and follow the new site called Rock SA, where we are re-searching everything we know about Rock Music in South Africa. Over the past week we worked on : Defining Rock music in general. The different types of Rock Music. Anatomy of Rock….

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What’s your favorite thing to cook? Something new. I like trying out new things and I try to keep them healthy. If there’s nothing new to cook, we just do our favorite thing. Braai.

Pittacus Lore – Lorien Legacies

The Lorien legacies is truly a series that has grown from meh to something fun. First encounter on this series for me, was via the movie, I am Number Four, which I really enjoyed. I think this might be one of the very view movies I watched where I felt the film was way better…

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What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it? Reading aloud in public. For, so many reasons 🙂 And I wont do it, no matter what. Talk I can, but read hell no.

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What do you complain about the most? The shortage of electricity in this country and the ripple effect it has on your daily routine. We are currently on stage 4 load-shedding, which means we have twelve hours of no electricity for each twenty four hour cycle. Luckily, it’s not all at once but instead on…

The Accidental Frontline Journalist : Memoir of Nkosini Samuel Msibi

Television came late to apartheid South Africa. By the early 1980s the state-owned broadcaster was ready to expand the network to include the black majority. There were sound economic and propagandist reasons for this. Msibi was among those recruited to be trained as technicians, journalists, and cameramen. The irony was that this enterprise coincided with…

In The Midst of Wolves by Kurt Ellis

Back in South Africa after working with the FBI, he is haunted by his past mistakes, including the death of his fiancée. When a young woman is murdered and dismembered in her Johannesburg apartment, Creed’s long-time friend and head of the SAPS’ Investigative Psychological Unit, Major Eli Grey, enlists his help in investigating the murder…

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What books do you want to read? This year I am absolutely spending some time on Jay Kristoff’s other books. I read Empire of the Vampire in 2022, and it was without a doubt one of the most fun reads I had for the year. Slow burn, great adventure, very GOT cross interview with a…