Besides being a world-famous game-viewing destination, the Kruger National Park is

home to an incredible diversity of bugs, beetles, butterflies, spiders, scorpions and other creepy-crawlies. Packed with colour photographs, this visual guide will appeal to anyone keen to identify and learn more about the Park’s infinite variety of smaller inhabitants. Find out what happens inside a termite mound, how ladybirds protect themselves from predators, and why dung beetles race to fresh dung pats.

This handy book:

• Spans 30 groups, including moths, beetles, wasps, crickets and spiders, and features over 200 commonly encountered species

• Contains vivid photographs of Kruger’s most interesting and attractive critters

• Unpacks noteworthy behaviours and biology

• Introduces key concepts, such as mimicry, cryptic coloration, metamorphosis, parasitism and pollination

• Includes bug-watching and photography tips for beginners

Part of the NATURE NOW series, this pocket-sized book is richly illustrated, informative and entertaining, and will appeal to visitors who want to make the most of their stay in the Kruger National Park.

Joan Young has lived and worked in the African bush for 37 years, spending nearly two

decades as a tour guide and environmental educator in the Kruger National Park. She is

passionate about sharing extraordinary wildlife facts with visitors, and has guided countless

tourists, photographers and researchers on safaris and night drives.

Available for sale now at PenguinRandomHouse.


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  1. That sounds like an interesting book. When I think about Kruger I think about Lions, Crocodiles and Water Buffalo but the smaller critters are just as fascinating.

    1. They really are. Some of these insects are however not limited to the Kruger though, we stay close to a bird sanctuary so I’m constantly fishing out odd critters from the pool.

      1. Yes there are a lot of odd critters. Our mini-Australian Shepherd Rollo used to find the strangest looking critters in our backyard and bring them into the house. I can’t imagine what you might find.

      2. Some pretty gnarly stuff lol 😆 and I’m so not a fan of critters.

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