#BookReview – Court by Tracy Wolff

I might be a bit of a wreck for the next couple of days. All the drama, all the fights, all the psychological turmoil, the ups and downs, – it’s like a Prime Circle song.

Was it long, yes.

Did it become tedious in some instances, yes.

Was it worth it. Sadly yes.

I am not just leaning team Hudson now, I have become.

Am I happy about it. No.

This was a long read. A lot of kinks and turns. A lot of getting there, yet not getting anywhere which was criminal. I don’t think I have ever felt as tired as I am after reading four books in a series. However it might be due to me binge reading all at once.

Would I do it again. Yes, if the series promises to be as good and fun as this, I certainly would.

So Grace, actually finally gets a hold of herself in this book and manages to accept her fate. ( I hope she got a good nap after all this as well) Hudson, is seriously a great guy in the end, really went from Villain to Hero in a matter of two books. Show’s you, that you just never know the full story if you haven’t seen it from both sides.

There are some irritations in the series which I am sure many people have gone on and on about but the thing is the story is epic enough for you to forgive the annoyances.

The start of the book is set in classic Tracy Wolff style where Grace and her friends have to find things in order to gain progress, as usual things don’t always turn out exactly as they think and you have a build up to a trial that needs to be taken in order to gain everything required to succeed in getting rid of the major villain.

What sets this one apart is that after winning there is a bitter sweet moment where Grace realizes that even though they won, she didn’t achieve what she set out to. And even without it, they have to move onto war.

Of course, when you think everything is lost Grace finally allows her chaos to bloom. I mean that in a literal sense. There was a bunch of times where I actually wanted to shout at her and just say USE THE BLOODY GREEN STRING. But similar to Hudson she had so much internal deliberation over accepting the fact that she was a demi god, it was a struggle.

The series concluded in a sufficient way. I didn’t feel like I wanted it to continue, it ticked all the boxes that was required to feel a hundred percent satisfied. However, if there is more to come I would definitely delve into them. I think the romantic aspect however for the main character has concluded and I don’t think I can handle another switch in mates.

Am I happy with how things turned out for Jaxon, I am not sure. Flint is a great guy and all but I honestly never wanted him and Jaxon to be a couple. The story also doesn’t make it clear on whether that is Tracy’s end game, so I still hope they just end up being absolute besties.

Whilst finishing this up I did see that there was another Two books available in the series which I am bound to read once I get over my existing book hangover.


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