#BookReview – #Covet by #TracyWolff

What do you get when you brew a mixture of Twilight, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and Divergent?

The Crave Series by Tracy Wolff.

It’s not plagiarized, as many people like to refer to it no, ballsy sure but, not plagiarized in my opinion. Instead, it has all the feel-good stuff in it that compares to the likes of those epic stories. A love triangle, of bloody note. Adventure that leaves you exhausted because you literally can’t put it down, a paranormal world mixed into the day-to-day human, with modern day technology and localized dialect.

Yes, it’s YA and yes, it’s a total shit show, but it’s bloody addictive in so many ways that I just can’t hate it. Sure, it has irritations, which still wind me up.

The fact that she continues to refer to those vampires as boys … they are over a hundred years old. (And yes, I do wonder why they are at Katmere Academy considering their age but I let it slide because of the adventure).

She is still saying things like “, and can I just say” NO GRACE SHUT UP.

There is a lot of inner deliberation, and in some instances, I found that it pulls you away from the plot and then there is a lot of world building which I get, but again it deviates from the urge of pushing on. 

In a nutshell, still a perfect shit show.

At the end of Book Two, Hudson saves her obviously and we have this cliff-hanger where he ends up being her mate. I still had hopes for Jaxon, high, high hopes going into Covet but by the middle of the book, those hopes where dwindling.

Then towards the end of the book, I was again questioning the Hudson-Grace connection because would either of them allow Jaxon to lose his soul. Although my question was …if this was a fake mating bond, then why is Jaxon so broken? I must give Grace props though; she really questioned a lot of stuff about the brother one and brother two triangle. She didn’t just decide okay well, sorry you are no longer of importance, she still tried to fight it, still
looked for ways to rectify things but let’s face it, with all the odds stacked up against them, fate is not at their side.

There are all these intense chapters where you end up biting your nails because of course you don’t just have to find one thing to reach your goal, no, once you find the one thing it would only work with another thing, which you must
find again, and obviously you can only get to that when circumstances are dire.

Grace isn’t entirely herself throughout. I mean who could blame the girl, she’d been lied to, she’d become something she never thought existed, she had a person stuck in her head that rambled a lot (and I’m sure people thought she
must be crazy when she sat around having all her internal deliberations) then she also had that faith for her and Jaxon. She’s also missing four months of her life, which only Hudson can confirm but refuses to do.

To top it off a lot of good characters die. Or do they? Am I leaning towards Hudson …maybe …

And that’s why you keep reading. Because every chapter just drags you along with yet another fricken cliff-hanger.

So, onto Court we go for more death and destruction. 


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