#BookReview – #Crush by #TracyWolff

What a shit show. ( Still un-put-downable though)

What kept me going was the fact that she swallowed Hudson and turned into a gargoyle. Just to discover, a hellish amount of added chaos.

Whilst the author spent so much time building on the love component of book one, I cannot believe that it’s pretty much out the bloody window in book two. Yes, I can see fans being totally divided on team Hudson and Team Jaxon here, myself, I am still rooting for Jaxon of course.

That aside, it truly was an adventure, one that is absolutely on par with the likes of Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments etc. It’s a full on growth and come into your own type book, with a bunch of added drama from unsuspected angels.

Really fun read with a lot of witty content. I mean with everything that happened, even I am exhausted. But in true heroin form, never tired enough to not read another chapter.

I still have small irritations plotting around in this novel. The constant referral to Boy, the words – and can I just say …really detracts readers from the plot. Makes you sometimes want to yell – “No please don’t say” — you say enough. because that’s the thing about our main actress, she thinks – A LOT, — About way too much. Funny enough, it’s also what makes you feel like you are part of the team.

It’s a extremely creative endeavor, with full characters and some interesting deviations from the norm, with the addition of fictional characters we don’t generally get in touch with.

I suppose that is what makes writing paranormal fiction so fun. You have the added benefit of sticking to the norm or moving away from what we know entirely and making it your own. The thing with doing the latter is that you need to draw up rules for all these characters and then you need to make them clear throughout your plot. Some people love it, some people hate it.

I enjoyed the drama, hated the final twist. It’s an emotional roller coaster which we continue as we move onto Covet.


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  1. Kymber Hawke says:

    Your review is terrific! This looks like a book I would enjoy!

    1. Thanks. Lol definitely a fun read

  2. Omatra7 says:

    I love when a book does that / strikes emotions
    You give very intriguing book reviews … very nice – pulls you in and you wanna read it lol – nice job 👏

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