#BookReview – #UglyLove by #ColleenHoover

Ugly Love remined me a little of the movie Friends with Benefits, with the biggest difference being the fact that Miles has a pretty devastating past that makes him closed off to emotional connections. The book plays off in two parts , current day and then six years prior which develops the back story of Miles.

It’s a slow burn in the sense that you need to read the entire book before you get to the bottom of why he acts the way he does, yet the book itself is a fast read since the mystery behind Miles keeps you glued. It’s a pretty devastating situation, which I imagine would push majority of people to the brink of devastation.

There’s a lot of intimacy between Tate and Miles, so-much-so that I actually got annoyed considering there really isn’t much talking, just a lot of bonking and loads of feelings which isn’t the best situation for anyone psychologically or emotionally.

I can positively confirm that I myself would never be able to endure the turmoil either of these characters underwent, without suffering some serious whiplash and needing a great deal of therapy.

Colleen Hoover yet again takes some seriously dire situations and turns it into a satisfyingly outcome. It’s a dramatic, emotional roller coaster about love and growth. It emphasizes the emptiness, the devastation, the loss in a one sided relationship, but at the same time reveals the hope and beauty that comes from growth.

It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes some really bad shit happens, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Whether the point was to find that special partner or to grow within yourself.

There is a reason for everything.

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