#BookReview – #NightWork by #NoraRoberts

The thing with Nora Roberts books, is that one can never put them in a box. One can hardly classify any of them as an outright Thriller, Suspense, Romance or Thriller, because she has this amazing ability to cover a vast number of categories in one take.

Nightwork is a standalone novel written from a male point of view. It’s a novel, where readers will absolutely fall in love with a villain, because lets face it, even though he is an above average intellectual, and a master cook he does dabble in thievery. A thief that manages to turn his trade into something honorable, appreciative and artsy.

It’s not a short story, even though I found it a fast read. It’s pretty much a life journey that reflects on why he started his trade, when he started it and what made him what he became. Will is a deeply loyal person, who loves the family he has. He establishes deep connections with a small group of people and sacrifices a lot in his journey in order to protect the people he loves.

The book holds amazing suspense throughout the jobs he takes, which crosses many continents as he tries to out maneuver the situations that hold him captive. It’s a visual story that made me reflect a lot on something like Mission Impossible, James Bond scenario’s. It has colorful characters, honors different dialects and has its some pretty funny moments.

I gave this suspenseful romantic drama a five start on good reads.

For those of you looking for an adventure the book can be purchased online at Amazon it’s also available on Audible and as is the norm you can always reach out to the author on her website.

As for me I am waiting with bated breath on the release of the final book in the Dragon Heart Legacy – The Choice which is an amazing tale with dragons the lot.


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