Chapter 2 – Part 3 – Mun

Obelisks shadow the pylons on the temple. Night fires dance along the cave walls, their smoke and flames well acquainted with the silhouette’s that enhance the decorative carvings set along the entrance walls. I take a deep breath, anticipate the outcome of my meeting with Hem-netjer, then advance into the courtyard where the familiar scenes of father in battle twirl out to greet me. It’s not custom for outsiders to enter the temple which means my presence is certainly unwelcome, yet being the creation of blood gods, I have a knack to invite myself in. Of course, Hem-netjer is not where he should be to meet me.

I pause briefly to admire the inner wall carvings all which portray fathers’ offerings. Will I be cherished enough to have a nation willing to reflect my reign in stone?

Probably not. Then again, what’s to gain without trying. It’s why I’m here. To change fate. Set alight the house, cast my name with blood.

I move past the inside pylon to collect holy water from the sacred lake. It represents the world before time and as such forms the basis to all rituals.  I wouldn’t want to limit my chances at a better outcome.

The reminder of my aim urges me onward through the hypostyle hall. The haste leaves little appreciation towards the majestic pillars that resemble proud papyrus, outstretched, upwards in varied stages of bloom. Had it not been for the small windows set to light the centre walkway, I might have forgotten the fact that I now walk among sacred.

Ritual shadows dart along my path as lightning sparks above. I pause pondering the past. Mahmoud had been the last to cast his ritual. Where did it leave him? Was history set to repeat itself in me?

I push my doubts aside, move on into the second hall barely noticing the enriched darkness. The space is familiar, scenes of father sit among the most sacred of gods. I always think of him in this way. I dream of myself becoming the same.

Or more.

In the centre of the hall, stands the shrine of Osiris, our god of life in death, depending how far you went into history, of course.  Fact stands, stories of his reign change as time continues.

I kneel in-front of the statue.

“Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy. Thou art the governor of Tattu, and also the mighty one in Sekhem. Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the nome of Ati,[1] …” soft voices join in throughout the room in hymn to Osiris. As is custom we give homage prior to our requests for enlightenment. I anticipate the voices of the Nubian[2] demons that join that of my own. Nubian demons are a commodity within our temples. They had been purposed to protect the sacred grounds in the living’s absence.

“What is it that the adopted sun of Nenet, is in need of today,” Hem-netjer’ s voice sounds from behind the statue. Had I been somatic, the voice without its bodily presence would most likely urge me to run, but it is I, Mun, defender of our realm, bastard child of Nenet, therefore spirits don’t matter, much.

When approaching unseen priests, especially those ones within the most sacred temples, one is to never ask outright for favours. No, instead you need to approach such matters like one would approach a game of chess, —  They are so holy, so sacred, so wonderful, blah blah, — Overrated chattering, I call it – but nevertheless a necessary evil if you want insight and guidance in this world.

“Is the future that unclear dear Mun,” Hem-netjer asks his voice taking on a snaky undertone.

“It is not Hem-netjer, I am here to rather ask how I could change the future as I am sure you will agree that the awakening of Nenet will not come without challenges and discomfort for both of us. I have sent for fathers’ mistress who is the perfect offer to raise mother.”

A rushed scuff erupts from behind the statue. The soft whispers that colour the room from the Nubian demons abruptly stop and the fogginess that layer the darkness within seems to evaporate as a cloudy snake appears from the statues mouth.

“Why would we change the future if it’s implemented by the gods? Such tampering would hardly go unpunished Mun. It’s a risky move for someone like you who has just started enjoying this worlds pleasures,” the snake notes, his cervical ribs expanding with a quiver. His brood hood, the sure trait of an Egyptian Cobra, stands proud above me. His tongue flicks in and out as if readied to strike. I avoid his round beady eyes, ponder the meaning of his snake like apparition. Even vampyres don’t entertain snakes.  

“Your concerns carry merit, as usual Hem-netjer. Which is why I am here and seek your aid. As you mention I have just started enjoying this worlds pleasures and I think I speak for most of us in this court when I say the awakening of Nenet will remove much of the advantage most of the High Court enjoys, without having a full-blooded ruler around. Am I selfish to want to keep my ruling power? Maybe. Is it to everyone’s benefit though? Of course. I just don’t feel that waking her up with this woman’s blood would fulfil her vengeance. In fact, I feel it might make matters much worse.”

The snake slides across the statue onto the floor where he once again erects itself above my stance. “Nenet’s awakening will unleash war across the world. She won’t leave any stone unturned in her efforts to destroy all somatics. Her revenge is directed towards any human, all humans willing to mate with gods.”

“Which is exactly what I want to avoid, as you of all people know that balance is key to this world.” I add, still keeping my gaze firmly away from the snake.

“Balance in all things is of highest importance yes, but overthrowing the direction of the gods…”

“Is punishable by eternal damnation, I know all this.” I reiterate slightly annoyed at the evident. All I want to know is what needs to be done to avoid waking my mother from her slumber, that and to find the loophole that would insure my rule. Do I say that out loud? Of course not.

“Yes, eternal hell, …”

“I am not asking you to take part in my venture, hem-netjer. I am merely asking for direction in overthrowing the awakening, thereby giving us time to enjoy the spoils that come with this new darkness.”

“You will need the blood of the child your father seeded.”

His words come with shock. I can feel the quiver of anger spread throughout my stance. There were rumours of course … “There was a child?”

The snake pauses briefly, as if chuffed with his revelation. “Indeed, there was.” He confirms, “a female.”

Reality sprouts its cloud of doubt. I contemplate my error in insisting Tobias find my father’s mistress. Does he know she had a child? Was I naïve? Did I fall in the same trap as mother?

“Could this not have been disclosed in one of my prior visits?” I manage between clenched teeth.

“Indeed, it could have. Had you just asked the same questions.” The snake concludes, his voice layered with disinterest as he slides back towards the statue.

I clench my fists with anger. So many variances I must always consider.

Another checkmate.

Had Hem-netjer ascertained any physical attributes at present, I would have no qualms in dispersing his arse to dust. A fact, I suspect he knows as he slides back down the hole he came from. This world must be so entertaining for them, I ponder as I start moving back to leave. A process I can’t rush along either, as the gods might feel my haste disrespectful. I bow with thanks, whisper words of gratitude as I retrace my steps without turning my back to the statue.

All the time my thoughts carnage each word, each action, ever taken by Tobias.

Were his offerings to my mother ever in her favour? Or were they always his own?

I reach the edge of the hall, take a turn as I walk through the hypostyle hall. The shadows move along unseen as I ponder where everyone’s loyalties lie. Everyone’s a pawn in this game of gods.

Nubian demons hover along the outer walls.

I walk through them, having nowhere to direct my frustrations. It’s always something with these bloody priests.

With their stupid gods.

I’ll show them though. The name Mun will be cast within this world’s history. The human, turned immortal, turned god.

Now more than ever before.

I will rule.

[1] Quoted from the Papyrus of Ani, The book of the Dead.

[2] Dark skin inhabitants from Sudan/ Southern Egypt/Ethiopia.

For more you can go to the outline or go check out references

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