#BookReview – #Rock,Paper,Scissors by #AliceFeeney

This book got five stars because it literally has multiple turning points, that pop out of thin air. A true Psychological Thriller that will have you wrecking your brain at multiple instances.

We are introduced to three characters, Amelia- the wife, Adam, the screen writing husband and Robin who lives in a cabin… We have chapters in the form of letters between husband and wife, that has a dual timeline. Whilst the initial tale is pretty depressing there are these spooky aspects that force you to stay engaged throughout. I mean if you go stay in a chapel in the middle of nowhere and you literally have a witch like character roaming the grounds, who wouldn’t stay engaged.

The main plot pretty much revolves around Adam, the screen writer and reveals how he actually became. Except it’s not how he thinks, or we think.

Amelia ends up being the villain and Robin the heroin, or is she? Because at the end of this book I honestly felt like everyone was a villain. Adam doesn’t deserve the sympathy we feel for him due to his past, Robin might be the biggest psychopath, if you believe the stuff her father reveals and lets face it the shit Amelia got up to was pretty cray-cray to.

I’m actually worried about the author. Is she okay?

I loved the fact that it’s based on writers doing writing things, it really reflects on the complications writers face – I mean, lets face it, writing is a deeply psychological experience in itself. Whether you write fiction, news, fantasy or drama. It’s something that effects your psyche in the weirdest way. If you don’t write, you’d never understand it and if you do write, you will never feel as if your work lives up to the standards it should. You can have fifty likes but one bad review and it crushes your world.

From what I see, the only winner in this tale, was Adam’s screenplay which finally got the attention it deserved. As for the characters I still can’t wrap my head around who I’m rooting for.

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