Raphael for his emotion.

Gabriel for support,

Michael for wisdom and you… 

Muddled up, like Virtue.

The one who bore witness to the ascension of life.

Your eyes saturated with pain,

Your mind a road carved on luck.

A solitude soldier,

Bearing witness to those that struggle with the desolation of strife.

You fight — with might,

But always in vain.

For love and acceptance, no matter the pain.

            Yet, when help comes,

Written in the sand. When hands are cast to befriend you,

It’s withered and weighed.

For trust in the living, is saturated with pain.

Yet Angels are human, who also need love.

And sometimes the wounded need light. 

Look up at the horizon and be what you may.

Set aside all dismay.

For even darkness holds beauty in the stormiest of nights.

To love is precious … So stand up — fight.

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  1. Sumita Tah says:

    You have a lovely blog. Thanks for the follow.

  2. Eugenia says:

    Your poetry is exquisite!

      1. Eugenia says:

        You’re welcome!

  3. That’s how the world should work

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