Souls in stars

I reach out

To the soul that I miss,

The friend I know

breathes to exist.

The searching soul,

That holds beauty in hand,

That loves the stars

and worships the sand.

We run in the clouds,

Drink the rain,

Idolize the Moon,

Sleep between grain.

Wake up to the morning,

With foggy eyes,

Seeking adventures,

like fire flies.

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  1. Secret Bree says:

    Oh this is delightful. There’s a real whimsical quality in your images Nadine.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Anita

      1. Hi. How can we help?

  3. Eugenia says:

    How lovely! Beautifully written piece.

      1. Eugenia says:

        You’re welcome, Nadine.

  4. Love this😍
    So free and happy

  5. Rajagopal says:

    To drink the rain and sleep between the grain, to wake up to the morning with foggy eyes… this, indeed, is an enchanting summation of life, Nadine. Beautiful, just keep going….

  6. lordmychef says:

    Thank you for the follow and visit.
    I am so delighted with your site that is so lively and your posts so lovely. How I wish I could do this kind of lay out.

    1. Go to WordPress themes and select the theme layout you like

      1. lordmychef says:

        Ohhh… will study that next week. Thank you.

  7. Debasis says:

    Nice poetry…!πŸ’πŸ™πŸΎ

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